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Photograph of the Suspension Stability and Concentration Analyzer Instrument

SEDISONIC® - Suspension Stability and Concentration Analyser (SSCA) 

The SEDISONIC™ instrument speeds stability testing of suspensions and dispersions for full-concentration samples. The non-destructive test quickly determines settling in a sample, eliminating visual/manual inspection. It can also rapidly test the concentration of non-settling materials, replacing time-consuming analytical measurements. The instrument scans individual samples with no contact and no sample preparation. The computer-based system takes ultrasonic measurements, then graphs the concentration profile. Changes in the profile indicate sample stability for quality assurance or shelf-life measurement. Learn more...

Photograph of the Slurry Size and Composition Probe

MCP - Slurry Particle Size and Composition Probe MCP

The Mixture Composition Probe (MCP) is a customized, in-process monitor of the
composition of a fluid mixture. Sonic technology and precision electronics are combined in an insertable probe device that can monitor small changes in the composition of fluids flowing through process pipes and vessels. Real time information from the probe includes the solids-in-liquid fraction and the particle size of the solids particulates in the fluid. In addition, the probe monitors the ratio of multiple liquid components dissolved in the mixture.
Learn more...

image of the Custom Systems : Material Density during Pressing

Custom Systems - Material Density during Pressing

Applied Sonics has developed a number of custom measurement systems that extend our ultrasonic techniques for unique applications. For example, we recently developed custom ultrasonic sensors to measure real-time density increases in powders during bi-axial pressing. We can provide custom solutions for a wide variety of solids/fluids characterization needs. Learn more...


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