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Mixture Composition Probe (MCP)


• Particle Size in Full Concentration Slurries
• Solids Concentration Measurement
• Liquid Component Concentration Measurement
• Crystalization Monitoring
• Quality Control Testing
• Polymerization Monitoring
• Blending Operations
• Trace Oil and Solids in Effluents


• On-line continuous readings
• Single 1-1/4” dia. probe for spool piece or in-tank applications using a flange mounting
• For safety and reliability, the probe body is completely sealed from the process fluids.
• Approved for hazardous environments (Factory Mutual - FM)
• Calibration based on laboratory measurements or process samples (Applied Sonics Inc. assists)
• Operator touch screen for real-time composition graphs
• Easy upload of field data to a desktop computer
• Resistance temperature detector (RTD) for temperature compensation 


1474 S. Acoma St., Unit U
Denver CO 80223