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  • July 2019 - A new, smaller version of the MCP is being developed for glass reactors and other laboratory vessels.  This probe has been reduced from 1-1/4" to 5/8".
  • December 2018 - Applied Sonics is awarded a new U.S. Army contract to develop the MCP - Mixture Composition Probe for process measurements during slurry coating of particles 
  • April 2018 - The SEDISONIC™  instrument is highlighted in an American Chemical Society course (slide 12)
  • December, 2017 - A new, completely updated website for Applied Sonics is up and running! This site highlights the new SEDISONIC™ - Suspension Stability and Concentration Analyzer as well as new applications for the MCP - Mixture Composition Probe.
  • September, 2017 - Applied Sonics announces the development of an improved SEDISONIC™ - Suspension Stability and Concentration Analyzer. This ultrasonic instrument measures the sedimentation and creaming of full-concentration suspensions and the concentration of sample mixtures.
  • April, 2017 - Applied Sonics is awarded the "2017 Award for Prototype Technology Transfer to an Army Ammunition Plant" by the U.S. National Armaments Consortium. We successfully applied the MCP -Mixture Composition Probe  to an Army manufacturing process.

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